Workshop Location and Policies


Our farm is located just 5 miles East of Martinsville, IN along SR44 (30 minutes south of Indy and 45 minutes from Indianapolis International) with easy access from surrounding states.

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There are several hotels within 15-25 minutes from the farm, ranging in cost from $70-$100/night.   The nearest good hotel is a Holiday Inn Express located in Martinsville, IN (15 minutes).  You can also look for hotels in Franklin, IN (20-25 minutes).  A larger variety can be found in Greenwood, IN but they are 35+ minutes from the farm.

For those wanting to stay on site, you may tent camp (or truck camp) in a small area of our front pasture.  But I want to stress that it will be “primitive”!  We’ll provide a port-a-potty and cold water hydrant resource (that’s it!).  There are no shelters, no showers, no bathrooms, no hot water, no soap, etc. – so please bring everything you need for comfort along with you.

We may not be able to accommodate a physical camper unless is it small.  It is our strong preference that you either tent or truck camp due to the area where camping will take place.  Please contact us with specifics prior to registering for the class if you want to bring a camper.

You are welcome to set up self-contained camp stoves (no open fires!) to prepare food on Friday afternoon/evening for dinner and Sunday a.m. for breakfast.  However, there is a nice selection of places to eat only 15-20 minutes from the farm.  Students will not be permitted in the house except in the case of a medical emergency in order to afford my family it’s privacy.


We’ll provide all three meals on Saturday, using only our farm raised poultry and pork along with local/chemical free veggies from farms we know and trust.  We’ll also have bottled water, fresh tea and coffee along with some snacks for you as well.  It will be good food and very filling.  I’ll feed you like I feed my family, and I’m serious about good food!

We’ll do our best to accommodate any food allergen issues within reason but may not be able to meet every request. Please be certain to ask our chef if you are uncertain about anything being served prior to consuming it should you have a concern!  A good friend of mine who is a culinary professional will be catering the event on Saturday, on-site at the classroom.  However no food or drink will be provided on Friday or Sunday.  Please feel free to bring a small self contained camp stove (no open fires please) and necessary provisions for those meals if you do not wish to eat out.  Also please bring bottled water with you for Friday and Sunday as well.


You are welcome to BYOB and enjoy it in the company of friends!  However, we do ask that you drink responsibly and please remember that you are a guest on our farm where my wife and children will be present.  Poor behavior resulting from the consumption of alcohol will result in you being removed from the property and class with no refund.  Drugs of any variety will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate removal.

Tobacco Smoking:

While you are on our farm, you are welcome to smoke but please be mindful of others so that they do not receive any second hand smoke.  Simply step away from others, camp sites, buildings, vehicles, etc so that this is not a problem.  Also be certain to place any butts safely into a waste container.

While at the classroom facility on Saturday, there is NO SMOKING allowed on the premises at all!  If you have the desire to smoke, please drive from the classroom back to the farm to smoke.  No exceptions at all!  Violating this policy will keep us from using this facility for future events.  You will be asked to leave the workshop immediately if you violate this policy.

Firearms & Weapons:

While you are on our farm properly permitted, safely carried sidearms that are not brandished or otherwise foolishly displayed are allowed.  However under no circumstancesare you allowed to discharge your firearm at any time unless it is for the purposes of self-defense.  You are also personally liable for your actions and any discharge of your firearm resulting in the injury of yourself or anyone else.  Discharging a firearm for any reason other than self defense will result in your immediate removal from the property and the class with no refund.  It is our preference that you carry any sidearms unchambered.  You are responsible to make certain that you may lawfully carry a firearm in the state of Indiana.

No long guns shall be displayed unless it is during the barter blanket session.  The camping location is next to a very visible public county road and the county sheriff lives less than 2 minutes from our farm!  Lets not have the sheriff or a deputy called to our gathering due to a passer-bye seeing weapons being displayed and making an erratic phone call to 911.  Be smart and keep long guns concealed during daylight hours.

While at the classroom location on Saturday, which is located on private property we are renting for the day, no guns or weapons on your person will be permitted. NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON! Please stow any firearms safely in your vehicle and lock your vehicle during this time.  Violating this policy will keep us from using this facility for future events.  You will be asked to leave the workshop immediately if you violate this policy.

Please note that we’ll most likely carpool the short ride to the classroom facility and leave some vehicles behind.


Unless you are a licensed HAM operator and lawfully able to operate on the HAM bands you will be restricted to non-HAM frequencies like FRS/GMRS for the weekend.  Please see David Mentz upon arrival for frequency bands to be used for the weekend.

Please note that access to our WiFi connection will not be made available to students.  However, there is excellent reception for both AT&T and Verizon service on our farm.  Sprint coverage is also available but the signal is not as strong.  Please plan accordingly.

We will provide a charging station for cell phones, tablets and laptops at our barn near our house.  We will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items left at the charging station.  Charging devices can also be done at the classroom facility on Saturday.

Medical Needs:

Please make us aware of any medical conditions you have upon arrival, with specific instructions if applicable.  In the case of dehydration, heat stress or another medical situation students are permitted to come into our air conditioned home so that they may briefly cool down.  The volunteer fire station is located only 1/4 mile away and can respond quickly to 911 calls.  In case of a 911 emergency, please direct all 911 calls to: 1725 Wampler Road, Martinsville, IN and reference that it is Darby Simpson’s farm. 

Please note that if you are physically disabled, we may or may not be able to accommodate you for the weekend depending on the severity of your condition and needs.  Please contact us prior to registering if you believe you will require ANY assistance to attend the class.

Language, Dress & Behavior:

As this class is at our home and in a rented facility (adjacent to a house of worship) please keep your language clean, behave and act responsibly and dress appropriately out of respect for others.  Please keep in mind that without the rented community building next to the church this workshop would not even be possible!  Let’s make certain that we can be invited back and future workshops can be held for other students (including yourselves!).

Waste & Cleanliness:

Waste cans will be made available for you to use during the weekend in the camping area if you are staying on farm.  Please keep the farm clean by making use of these waste cans.  Also, please bring your own soap and personal sanitation supplies as required.  A cold water hookup will be provided in the camping area.  Lastly, please respect others and keep the portable toilet clean and tidy!  No one wants to use a filthy restroom facility.

Livestock Bio-Security:

Due to the risk of spreading disease and potentially harming our livelihood, please make certain that any footwear you use for the farm tour has been properly sanitized prior to arrival.  This is particularly important if you own or work around livestock on your own farm or another farm.  A mistake here could be devastating for our family.

Release of Liability:

You will be required to electronically sign a release of liability form on the registration form.  Please do not take this personally, it is simply a prudent measure for us to have in place and is required to attend the workshop.


Each workshop may have unique payment and cost structures. Review specific workshop page details for each event. This includes cancellation policies as well.

On a personal note……

Please understand that by and large I’ll be a one man show while the class is going on.  That means I’ll be pretty busy and may not have as much time to sit and chat as I would prefer.  It will also mean that I may be a pile of goo on Saturday night and may not be super chatty – please don’t take it personally if I can’t answer all of your questions outside of our structured classroom time.  My main goal is to offer each of you an amazing, fun, jammed packed learning experience that is a phenomenal value.  I promise you’ll walk away happy with the content we cover, but please extend me some grace as I attempt to cover all the bases during our weekend together.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this information.  We will look forward to meeting you in person on our farm September 4th!

Darby & Brandy Simpson