Services Offered

While there are many resources to be read and conferences to attend that can educate someone on the basics of the “how” in small scale farming, there is not a single source of information that ties this together with building a business.  The experience and knowledge shared here is not just in the raising of livestock, but in developing markets and building relationships with customers, suppliers and mentors that are paramount to any ventures success.

Not only can this information show you how to market and raise your products, but by doing so in a savvy way that alleviates most of the financial burden that can hold back new fledgling operations.   You will be learning from the life experiences of someone who has built a business from nothing, yet in only five years has generated a thriving farming operation capable of supplying a modest income.

Whether you are simply someone looking to raise some or all of your own meat on a homestead, or are looking to follow your dreams of full time farming Darby can help you be a success and reach your goals.  Your one on one consultation is tailored to fit you – not anyone else.  It’s all about your farm enterprise or homestead, and will answer your questions on a myriad of subjects including but not limited too:

Production of:

  • Pastured chickens, turkey and eggs
  • Pastured/forested pork
  • Grass-fed beef

Know How:

  • Equipment to use and avoid
  • Breed selection
  • Rotational grazing
  • Using portable fence
  • Loading livestock
  • Building beneficial farming relationships
  • How to build a multi-use chicken tractor
  • Weight gain goals
  • Building permanent fence
  • Solar and hard wired fence chargers
  • Selecting a butchering facility
  • Stocking densities
  • Supplement use
  • Using portable fence
  • Water systems
  • Logistics
  • Utilizing local knowledge sources


  • Building a marketing list
  • How to market your products
  • Utilizing free e-mail services
  • Using social media and free websites
  • How to select a farmer’s market
  • Farmer’s market setup and display
  • How to retail product at a market
  • Working with restaurants
  • Identifying key customers
  • Identifying important networking sources
  • Starting a chicken CSA
  • Building a brand image
  • Firing bad customers
  • Understanding state and local health code laws
  • Consumer education
  • Building customer relationships
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Telling your story


  • Product cost analysis
  • Planning ahead for input cost spikes
  • Setting product prices
  • Bulk pricing programs
  • Cash flow planning
  • Using customer money to cash flow expenses
  • Understanding economies of scale in livestock
  • How to borrow and use equipment for “free”
  • Buying used equipment
  • Tracking expenses
  • Applying for agriculture grants

Emotional & Physical:

  • Getting your spouse on board
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Recruiting “free” labor
  • Understanding what it really takes to farm
  • Preparing emotionally
  • Dealing with failure
  • Suggested reading sources
  • Education thru conferences

A small investment of a consultation fee could literally save you thousands of dollars, expedite your farms success and eliminate countless unneeded frustration.  It is Darby’s goal to make this consultation the best investment you ever make for your farm.  To schedule your private session, complete our online consultation form.