Stocking Density for Raising Your Own Chickens 


Ah, spring is upon us – not that the weather is any indicator here in Central Indiana.  And with that, lots of folks are thinking about raising their own poultry.  One critical area that often gets over looked when using a portable daily move tractor with meat birds is stocking density.  Rather than a lengthy blog post about this subject, I’m going to link to an audio file from a homesteading Podcast where I addressed this question.  I also discuss how much land is required and why I like our chicken tractor design much better than the Salatin style tractors.  Please leave your questions and comments!

The Survival Podcast: Episode #876 – “What is a good stocking density for pastured poultry?”

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2 thoughts on “Stocking Density for Raising Your Own Chickens 

  1. Nancy Stone

    Hi Darby,
    Last week I watched the preview of your classes. In one you showed your pasture field with the seed mix your use. I am going to have more planted this spring and wondered if you would share the % and description with me.
    Have you any experience of thought about ameranth or hemp. I read articles in Acres USA and could adjust my row crop farm to other plant types.
    Nancy Stone
    Lafayette area

  2. Darby Post author


    I used a mix of types of fescue, red clover, white clover, alfalfa, perennial rye grass, timothy and orchard grass. I don’t have the mix percentage handy, as that has been over 5 years ago but I’ll be repeating this process this fall and will document it on the Grassfed Life website and facebook page.

    Hope that helps.


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