Meat Production & Butchering Workshop!

We have put together a spectacular workshop on our farm for June 10-11 that will show you everything you need to successfully raise and butcher poultry, pork and rabbit on your homestead.  While the information presented will be aimed at personal production, all of the information and mechanics are scale-able for those interested in starting a profitable business.  But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what one of our students had to say from our 2015 workshop:

“As my brain is decompressing I’m trying to wrangle, slow and organize my thoughts. My prior workshop experience consists of 3 Mark Shepard Restoration Ag courses, PV2 (Permaculture Voices 2) and a (Geoff) Lawton online PDC. What you did this weekend stands tall with those and in many ways stands taller. The notebook of slides (which my wife loved), your personal approachability, seeing how you do your farm by being there on your farm and your open book approach on management and finances sets your approach above the rest. Be proud.”

Instructors at the workshop will include Darby Simpson (Simpson’s Farm Market), Greg Burns (Nature’s Image Farm), Patrick Rhoerman (MT Knives) and others including local homesteaders Seth Ross and Andy Higginbotham.  You’ll also get to meet Rob Kaiser of Deliberate Living Systems who will emcee our barter blanket session at the end of our event.

The two day workshop will include the following (and much more):

  1. Eight hours of classroom instruction that include:
  • Raising pastured meat broilers
  • How to build a chicken tractor
  • How to make and assemble a poultry killing cone
  • Raising pastured pork
  • Low-cost infrastructure for pigs
  • Breeding and raising pastured rabbits
  • How to make and assemble a rabbit tractor
  • Proper selection of knives for butchering
  • How to properly sharpen and maintain knives
  • Costs associated with all of the above
  1. Eight hours of on-farm instruction that includes:
  • How to butcher chickens (broilers and old laying hens)
  • How to process a hog from start to finish
  • How to butcher rabbits
  • Required equipment for all of the above
  • An exhaustive tour of Darby Simpson’s farm where you can see everything up close and in action for yourself
  1. A spiral bound notebook of all presentations given that will also include lots of how-to photos.  This valuable reference material is yours to keep and take notes in as we go thru each presentation.  You’ll have it on your bookshelf to reference once you return home!
  2. We’ll also be providing all three meals for each of the two days with GOOD FOOD (all local and/or organic in nature) that will be prepared by local chef Joshua Henson (Fermenti Artisan).  The food will include all meats raised by Simpson’s Farm Market, local/chemical free veggies and fruits, homemade dessert, snacks, bottled water and locally roasted organic coffee (Harvest Cafe).
  3. Two nights of informal campfire chats with all of our presenters in addition to our weekend finale:  the barter blanket!  If you have never attended a “barter blanket” then you are in for a real treat.  This session will be hosted by Rob Kaiser of Deliberate Living Systems who has attended other TSP/PermaEthos events and is a TSP Barter Blanket veteran!

The barter blanket is just that:  A place to barter goods and services with all of the other attendees you’ve just spent the weekend getting to know.  Typically, the event host will open up the festivities by offering something of value that anyone can bid on.  After hearing all of the offers, they can accept their favorite deal or decline all together.  Whoever wins the first item then has the floor to present the next item to barter.  This continues until everyone is done bartering and it can last several hours.  You’ll often find side deals going simultaneously as well, which is completely allowed and encouraged.

Examples of barter items are:  silver, seeds, plants, gear (tactical stuff, flashlights, etc), professional services, vacation stays in a guest house, homemade goods (soaps, foods, household items), ammo, HAM radio gear, etc.  Please feel free to bring as many items as you would like for the barter blanket!


The cost for this workshop is only $375/person or $725/couple, but please note spaces are limited.  Please visit our registration page for complete details.

To see the complete schedule for the workshop, checkout our weekend itinerary page.

For additional details including where our farm is located, lodging options, directions, on-farm policies, etc. you can visit our general information page.

We look forward to seeing you in June at this fun, exciting, learning filled event!  For questions please email us directly.

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