Interview With Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices

Recently, I sat down and recorded an hour long interview with Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices.  The conversation was a blast, and we covered everything from how we started farming in 2007 to what our operation looks like today.  We discussed the transitional period while I was working full-time off farm, and dealing with the startup phase of our operation simultaneously.  We also talked about how difficult and stressful that time was, as well as the many blessings that come from this type of lifestyle.

I think that this interview will give anyone who listens to it an excellent view into what farming full time is really like.  If you have ever wondered “how” I got my start, you’ll find this chat with Diego very informative and a bit entertaining.  As a teaser there is also some really exciting news at the end, but you’ll have to listen for yourself to discover what that is!

You can listen to the interview at Permaculture Voices, and be certain to chime in afterwards and let me know your thoughts.

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