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Darby SimpsonDarby grew up on his family’s seventh generation farm located in Central Indiana, just 25 miles outside of Indianapolis.  However he never learned anything about the family business.  He began his own farming enterprise in 2007 after reading “Pastured Poultry Profits” by Joel Salatin as well as several other sources of information pertaining to small scale pasture based meat production.  The operation produced 150 pastured broilers that first year that were quickly sold and generated a base of avid customers who were left clamoring for more.   In 2008, the enterprise grew to 1,000 birds while pastured pork was also added, with the hogs all being spoken for thru successful marketing to the existing customer base.

By 2012, the farm was producing up to 3,000 pastured broilers, 125 turkeys, 60 hogs and 12 beef per year while using less than 20 total acres.  The farm now financially supports Darby and his wife Brandy, along with their two young boys, Ethan and Zach.  Darby has transitioned himself from a successful mechanical engineer into a full time farmer and enjoys the many benefits that come with being self sufficient in ones livelihood.   His success shows it is possible to build a business from scratch with little or no knowledge of what Joel Salatin affectionately calls “lunatic farming”.

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  1. Jeffrey Pow

    Hi Darby and Brandy,
    My wife Michelle and I just wanted to say hi from our farm (www.southamptonhomestead.com) near Perth, Western Australia. We now produce 10,000 heirloom meatbirds a year – alongside a holistically managed dairy herd of jerseys run for the ecological services 🙂 We work pretty closely with Darren Doherty of http://www.regrarians.org . With support of many in the Regrarian community, we have spent the last 3 years regenerating our farm and enterprise after a devastating firestorm in 2013 that completely destroyed the farm, our home and all the stock.

    The silver lining after this regeneration? We have used the opportunity of a fresh start to bring the “terms of trade back onto the farm”. We have our own breeder flock of heirloom meatbirds we run in eggmobiles (chickens are http://www.sommerladpoultry.com.au and muscovy ducks), we collect eggs and every two weeks, set and incubate them, hatch, brood, grow out on pasture, and then harvest in our micro-abattoir on the farm. We then distribute to our customers through farmers markets and buying clubs. We are the only farm like this in Australia.

    I wanted just to stop by, and let you know we have spent many days in the abattoir (we harvest Tuesdays and Thursdays) listening to Grass Fed Life, among the many podcasts. This room has becomes a classroom, of sorts. Much of what you and Brandy shared resonated with us… and has left us with a feeling of solidarity and brotherhood with your family.

    I trust all continues well for you and be great to chat one day.

    Best Regards,
    Jeff Pow, Co-founder, Southampton Homestead

    1. Darby Simpson


      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your kind words, I’m glad that you are enjoying the GFL podcast! Brandy and I hope to travel to Australia and New Zealand someday, and would love to see your operation. Keep up the good work, and if you Darren please tell him hello for me.

      Take care,


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